Monday, September 20, 2010

You Know You're a Fluff Fanatic When...

I love cloth diapers. I am obsessed with cloth.  My crunchy mama friends and I get together and we talk about diapers. For hours. I'm not even kidding.  I've put together a list (that's more than a little confessional), sort of a self-help guide for cloth diapering mamas (and daddies) out there, to help you realize that when Fuzzi Bunz and Rumparoos dance through your dreams at're not alone.

You know you're a fluff fanatic when...

-You practice EC just to keep your cute diaps from getting dirty

-You announce, "I need to strip this weekend," and none of your friends bats an eye.

-You've ever cackled over a boiling cauldron of microfiber inserts (okay, maybe not cackled...)

-You have a favorite, most adorable diaper, that you save for special occasions (like when you'll be changing baby in front of a friend who still uses disposables

-You realize you have absolutely no pictures of your baby wearing clothes-- she looks so cute in just her diapers!

-You see a non-cloth-wearing baby in the supermarket and think, "What's wrong with that child? Why is his butt so small?"

-You "rocked the soak" and texted a picture of the ensuing filthy water to your best CD-mama friend

-You once had a panic attack when you thought your husband had put a dryer sheet in with your diapers

-Waiting for a package from Kelly's Closet to arrive feels like waiting for Christmas Morning!

All right, what else, my cloth-loving friends? How do you know when you're a cloth-diapering-maniac?


  1. How about - you have several diapers in every color of the rainbow so that you will always have one to match her outfits (and you pick her outfit for the day based on what color diapers are clean)!

    You're tempting me to 'rock the soak'. seriously that pic is very convincing i may need to do the same.

    Love the blog!

  2. Or... you get excited about doing laundry because it means you'll have the full fluffy stash available again!

    Or... you refuse to send your child in cloth to his grandmother's house because she "helps" by laundering the soiled diapers for you - in NORMAL detergent! Horrors!

    Or... the group yard sale is a smashing success because you got a nice used dipe for cheap even though you hardly sold anything.

    Thanks for obsessing in public!