Monday, September 20, 2010

You Know You're a Fluff Fanatic When...

I love cloth diapers. I am obsessed with cloth.  My crunchy mama friends and I get together and we talk about diapers. For hours. I'm not even kidding.  I've put together a list (that's more than a little confessional), sort of a self-help guide for cloth diapering mamas (and daddies) out there, to help you realize that when Fuzzi Bunz and Rumparoos dance through your dreams at're not alone.

You know you're a fluff fanatic when...

-You practice EC just to keep your cute diaps from getting dirty

-You announce, "I need to strip this weekend," and none of your friends bats an eye.

-You've ever cackled over a boiling cauldron of microfiber inserts (okay, maybe not cackled...)

-You have a favorite, most adorable diaper, that you save for special occasions (like when you'll be changing baby in front of a friend who still uses disposables

-You realize you have absolutely no pictures of your baby wearing clothes-- she looks so cute in just her diapers!

-You see a non-cloth-wearing baby in the supermarket and think, "What's wrong with that child? Why is his butt so small?"

-You "rocked the soak" and texted a picture of the ensuing filthy water to your best CD-mama friend

-You once had a panic attack when you thought your husband had put a dryer sheet in with your diapers

-Waiting for a package from Kelly's Closet to arrive feels like waiting for Christmas Morning!

All right, what else, my cloth-loving friends? How do you know when you're a cloth-diapering-maniac?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mini Rant

Yes, I see that my child is eating leaves.  No, he's not hungry. He just ate a (wholesome) snack that I brought from home.  He's eating leaves because he's a baby. They put stuff in their mouths. No, I don't mind. NO! I do not want you to give him some of the fake, processed, non-perishable toddler "snacks" you have for your child. He doesn't eat those. I would rather he eat dirt.